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Formal and informal word Knowing and using for vocabulary is essential for higher scores.
In Speaking and Writing, for both General and Academic students.

Speaking part, talking to a office is different from talking to femilly members.
Besides in writing, writing an academic essay is different from writing a letter to a close friend.

Using the correct form of language is essential for getting a high score in the writing section. Let’s take a look at the FREQUENT situations and several main differences of formal and informal WORD writing in the IELTS.

Look forSeek/Search
Say noReject
Call offCancel
I thinkIn my opinion
To sum upIn conclusion
Point outindicate
Think aboutconsider
Go upincrease
In the endfinally
What’s up?How do you do?
Nice to meet youIt is a pleasure to meet you?
As soon as you canAt your earliest convenience
Worried about youConcerned about you
To start with/ For a startFirstly
Say hello toGive my regards to
Heard from her latelyHave you heard from her lately
Seen her?Have you seen her?
She’s rightI agree with her,that..
Don’t forgetI would like to remind you that…
Thanks a lot!I appreciate your assistance!
BecauseIn light of the fact that
I think..In my opinion that…
I need to..It is necessary for me
You don’t haftaIt is not necessary for yo to..
We recommendIt is recommended
Sorry…Please accept our apologies for…
Another good thing isSecondly..
What’s moreBesides
Not only thatFurthermore
And one of the best things is…/The most important thing is../And best of all..Lastly,
She canShe has the ability
They put the plan into actionThe plan was implemented/carried out
The place where you want to goOur destination
I’m sorry to tell you that..I regret to inform you of..
Could you?I was hoping that you could
It wasn’t be a problem anymoreIt will cease to be a problem
When you get here,Your arrival
I’m getting tired of this junk.One grows waery in these matters.
This seemed to fix the problemThis appeared to rectify the problem
Can I help you?Please State your business
Please get back to me ASAPI would be grateful if you could reply early
Could you..?I’d really appreciate it if you could..
We want toWe would like to
Shall I?Would you like me to.?
To think aboutTo consider
This shows that..This demonstrates.
To tell the differenceTo distinguish
We’ve receivedWe are in receipt of
You should reviseRevision should be done
It will do you goodThis will be of great benefit to you
What’s going on?How are you doing?
Just a note to say..I am writing to inform you..
As we discussed this morningAs per our telephone conversation on today’s date
It would be great if you could attend this eventWe would be honored if you would attend this event
Your kid is making troubleI am afraid your child is experiencing difficulty
See you next weekI look forward to meeting you next week.
People use a huge amount ofPeople consume a tremendous amount of

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