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The uses of OpenCv

  • To Load and read image on Notebook
  • extract feature from an image
  • extract features from images under a given root path
  • How to make a prediction under reference images

The steps to import cv2 library on jupyter Notebook

  1. Open Jupyter Notebook
  2. import cv2 (if this show error)

Then try to open CMD and check your python version.


python -v

for conda version command as :

conda -V

install opencv2 command it:

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

hit enter and wait for some times…

If there is no problem during installation no error will show and need to restart to import cv2 and work…

but if show any environmental problem then following the tutorial update conda command in cmd like:

conda update conda

This installation takes several times so need to wait till download and install .

Next, again command as :

conda install -c-forge opencv

Hit Enter key !

This also take several times!

Finally, install opencv2 again go to jupyter notebook and import again cv2.

bravo !! Works finely.

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